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Hi Folks,

Welcome to my first attempt at trying to sort out my HANDS.  My name is Mike YEGWART.  Many of you will know me from various HANDS boards, if you can work out the display names.  

One thing I have found on my travels around the Internet is that making contact regarding someone in the past is a bit vague.  The purpose of this web site is to help you and perhaps myself, with the HANDS.  

Most people should be able to get their research back to the 1851 census, the earliest useful English census.  It is now commonly available from record offices, CDs and now, on-line. Sometimes finding them is difficult since strange abbreviations were used by the enumerator, or they moved many counties away.    Another researcher may be ahead of you – so contacting them through this site may save you a lot of time.
As we are all researching the same surname the idea is simple:

“Advertise your research interest by the Head of the Household in 1851.”



1. A single web site where you can track your HANDS, attracting researchers to use more than a single site as many novices seem to stick to what they are familiar with.
2. You can locate the household yourself to check quickly that you are on the right track.
3. Having got a clear picture of the family you can discuss the household with a clear objective in mind.                                                                                               
4. This then allows you to share more background data if you wish.                       Continued

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